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This Production Room is a multi-functioning space that caters to a wide-variety of client's needs. This includes, but is not limited to, audio mixing, video editing, pre-production, podcasts, live video and audio recording, and overdubs. The room is also available for dry hire.


In addition, The Grand Social's Loft Venue can be used in conjunction with the Production Room for larger scale operations, such as full band recordings, music video creation, large scale pre-production for touring artists, and broadcast quality audio and video recording of live events.  


Our amazing sound team, who have a passion for perfection, will ensure that everything produced is of high-quality recordings that meet or exceed all of your expectations. 

If you're looking for broadcast quality video and high-end audio, please get in touch.​​

For more information, quotes and bookings please contact 

The Grand Social has opened up a brand new
Production Room!

Production Suite
Production Suite
Production Suite
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